"Help Us Feed Refugees Across The World"
"Help Us Feed Refugees Across The World"
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Millions of Yemenis won’t have food to eat this month. Please help us feed these refugees, and make sure no one ever goes to bed hungry again.
There are more than 70 million people including internally displaced persons in Gaza, Yemen and Pakistan who struggle to find clean water and a decent meal plus shelter.
Millions have fled their homes multiple times, taking refuge in conflict-ridden areas because there is nowhere else to go.
More than half of the victims in Yemen, Gaza, and Pakistan are children.
While we can pray for the world to become a better place, the truth of the matter is - we need to work together and start to help contribute a whole lot more.
We cannot stop the fighting, we cannot stop the conflict and the politics - but we can at the very least make sure that no one goes to bed hungry.
At Masjid Al Furqan and HHRD, we’ve been helping to feed the less fortunate amongst us. But we want to take it a step further and help establish bakeries so we can feed the needy across Pakistan, Yemen, and Gaza - Where they need our help the most.
It is also important to take a step back, appreciate what we have, and give back as much as we can - even if you can only give $5. That $5 you donate can literally feed a family of 4.
With the COVID-19 pandemic about to make the situation even worse, we need to pitch in more than ever before, and not ignore our brothers and sisters in need.
But we cannot do this without your help!
Imagine if you were in their situation - How would you react? Is it not unfair for us to eat basically what we want, have access to clean water, a warm home, while our brothers and sisters are starving and dying?
Yemenis thought it couldn't get any worse after years of civil war. They were wrong. A collision of factors has created what experts are calling the "perfect storm".
COVID-19 then came and destroyed whatever little hope Yemenis had left. Millions of civilians are trapped in poverty, hunger, and conflict.
If there was a hell on earth, Yemen would be called just that.
Hunger is ravaging the country like never before. The world community should be ashamed that in the year 2021, people are dying from starvation there when they shouldn’t be.
Take a moment to process that. There are children with so little food that they're susceptible to every single infection or disease that comes around.
Children with so little nutrition, that from the moment they're born, they’re struggling to survive a mountain of disadvantages including what many believe is an entirely preventable conflict.
Hunger is still one of the biggest - and most solvable - problems in the world. We have already made incredible progress:
It is possible to end world hunger. Masjid Al Furqan and HHRD is working for that every second of the day, feeding those that are in urgent need and implementing programs that directly tackle the root cause of hunger.
But this work depends on the support of people like you to continue.
Please help Yemenis who need us more than ever before.
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Masjid Al Furqan already has a long history of partnering with organizations that share our vision of serving those in less fortunate circumstances. Sometimes we work directly within our local community, but today we are expanding our community to encompass the globe.

We are proud to announce a partnership with Helping Hand For Relief and Development. HHRD is a global humanitarian organization that brings aid to countries who need it the most: Where most of the population lives below the poverty line.

Your donations are most effective when they can reach those who need it immediately. HHRD has a proven track record for speed and efficiency - from Haiti to Kenya, from Yemen to Indonesia. They were founded with one principle:

They feed with food--despite their own desire for it-- the indigent, and the orphan and the captive (saying): ‘We feed you purely for the sake of God. We desire no reward from you, nor thankfulness." - (Surah al-Insan 8-9)

We once again thank you for helping us reach our goals as we help our family, whether they be across the world or right in our own backyards.

It’s thanks to your resources, skills, connections, and energy that we have made such a difference in the world. With HHRD at our side, we can accomplish more than ever before.

To learn more about HHRD please visit https://www.hhrd.org